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Fruit Jam:Christmas farm free game

4.4 ( 8784 ratings )
Værktøjer Spil Brætspil Paratviden
Forfatter: LUO DING JUN

Fruit blast is a farm classic style game for free on Christmas,if you like play candy games,you must like this.
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In the autumn harvest season, every kind of fruit are ripe fruit, want a celebration? Lets wait and see!
take laws and regulations lightly
1 exchange of different fruits of the land, the adjacent three or more than three of the same fruit synthesis;
2 at the same time synthesis of the same fruit more the more the more, the higher the score;
3 lovely pandas are trapped by the ice magic, which needs to be removed three times around the frozen panda to save them;
4 magic land is the place where life is bred, plants are constantly evolving, and ultimately the plant needs to be created.
1 exchange of fruit to make the same fruit is connected to achieve the specified value;
2 collect the number of specified fruits;
3 collect designated fruits and save the number of pandas trapped in ice magic;
4 collect the number of specified plants;
The 3 blow up barrier obstacles the synthesis of fruit.
1 magic hammer: get rid of a selected fruit
2 magic lightning: the elimination of a whole line of fruit
3: Magic fork to the selected different kinds of fruit by doubling the number of
4 magic bomb: collect all the same kinds of fruit
1 if you encounter great difficulties can not pass, you can consider to try our magic props oh!
2 style lovely, fresh, absolutely relax;
3 to get started is simple, but it is difficult to master;
4 in addition to the delicious fruit of the world, as well as fresh bubbles and jam oh! You must like it.